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M.J. Barleyhopper Brews


Harvest Weizen

A filtered, 30% wheat ale.  Medium-light body, medium-light hop profile using Tettnang hops.  Golden color. A “transitional microbrewed beer” for the “new-to-micros-drinker”.


A unique huckleberry ale using our Harvest Weizen recipe and a mild addition of Northwest huckleberries.  A wonderful combination and not overpowered by the berry flavor.

Barleyhopper Brown

Chocolate malt gives this unfiltered ale its nice brown color.  Lightly hopped with Willamette and Tettnang hops.  Smooth, mild flavor with a medium mouth feel.


Rattlesnake Red

A Scottish style amber ale with a medium body and medium hop bitterness.  This filtered beer has Carastan and Chocolate malts that provide an outstanding ruby red color.  Willamette and Tettnang hops are used in this popular ale.



 Baja Lime

This light ale is made with two-row malt and white wheat accented with a citrusy lime flavor. Great for a hot summer day.

 Cougar Blonde

Made with two-row malt and white wheat.Contains a refreshing blend of German Hallertau and Tettnang hops. Boiled with honey gives this ale a delightful summer spirit.

Lazy Day Lager

MJB’S First Lager! This beer has a wonderful golden color. Using Northdown and Willamette hops, give this lager a great aroma. An all occasion beer.




The traditional Fall celebration brew.  A light amber beer with lots of malt character from Munich, Chocolate and Carastan malts.  Hallertau, Tettnang and Perle hops are used in this well-liked seasonal.


Chocolate Dunckle Weizen

Our holiday seasonal, this is a complex beer.  A dark wheat ale, unfiltered, with a great combination of malt flavor and alcohol warmth.


Summertime Citrus

Our newest hand made ale has the sweet flavor of Oranges, hint of coriander, cascade hops and orange zest.  This summertime citrus is a lighter tasting ale. It pairs well with chicken, seafood, or a salad.


Steelhead Stout

Smooth sweet stout created especially for those brave soles who enjoy a good morning cup of coffee, after a long day on the river in quest  for that monster steelhead.  Blended just right with roasted malts, malted barley, lactose, and just the right amount of espresso coffee this stout is the brewers choice.




Bock at the Moon

A Spring-time seasonal. Medium maltiness with a slightly sweet beginning and light to medium bitter finish.  A nice strong beer that follows German tradition using Munich, Pilsen and Carastan malts along with noble style hops.


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